My First Post + Flashback – Piestewa Peak

Well, here it is. My first post. I’m not sure what to upload as my first picture, so i’ll start with an old favourite… I say old, it’s really not that old, but it’s definitely a favourite. This was taken with my Nikon P300 whilst on holiday in Scottsdale, Arizona (one of my favourite places).

There are lots of mountains and hiking trails in Arizona, this particular one is one of the most popular in Phoenix. It used to be called Squaw Peak but has since been renamed Piestewa Peak in honour and remembrance of Lori Piestewa –

This was the first time i hiked the mountain, i’d never even been to the base before, i had read that it was very popular amongst locals and tourists alike and to get a parking spot you should aim to get there before sunrise, especially in July when you can escape the heat by hiking early. I stopped about a third of the way up, my attention was drawn to the heat on the right hand side of my face, and the blinding light!

The photo was taken with ISO at 160, an aperture of f/5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/500th, i think it turned out great, the only editing i’ve done is to boost the blue in the sky, reduce the highlights slightly and increase the shadows to pull out some foreground detail. I didn’t appreciate the shot as i turned to continue my hike, only when i got back in the car and checked my photos did i think ‘wow’. Whenever i look at this photo it takes me back to that amazing place and the warmth of the morning sun. Thankfully i get to look at it every day as it now hangs as a canvas in my kitchen.


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