Real Talk

It was either going to be the spaghetti bolognese or the pizza, i couldn’t decide, whatever i was going to settle for i knew that £11.95 for three courses was a steal, especially in this part of town… The drive here was pretty easy and we managed to park nice and close to the venue, i nearly lost my car down the worlds biggest pot hole after the gig but that’s another story.

One of the perks of going to gigs outside of central London is driving, as much as i love some of the inner city venues i really don’t like having to get the train, plus i love a good road trip.

Man Overboard are an energetic pop punk band from New Jersey, i’ve been a massive fan for a few years now, i first heard them when they were supporting one of my favourite bands on a UK tour. You’re always guaranteed to get a great show where these guys are concerned, the two front men Zac and Nik play so well off each other.

I’d been wanting to take some pictures at a live music show for a while, The Fighting Cocks in Kingston is a small venue, probably about 150 capacity so this would be perfect, plus you’re also more likely to get away with taking a camera into a smaller show like this. I was a little nervous taking my camera to the venue and i didn’t want to be THAT guy taking pictures with a bright and large flash for the whole show, so i decided to travel light, i took my camera body and my 35mm f/1.8 lens, that was it.  My camera has a small flash on the body which i could use if needed.

This would be a test for my camera and my lens, i was keen to see how it would perform in such low light and if the max aperture of f/1.8 on my lens would let me get away with not using a flash.  I shot at between 2000 and 2500 ISO at f/1.8 for most of the show, i was really pleased with the results, i spent most of my time focussing on Zac, purely because the other side of the stage where Nik was stood was right next to a huge speaker and i’d left my earplugs in the car!

Man Overboard-3

I think my camera handled it well, it even took a good few knocks, elbows and the odd splash of beer, not to mention i was dripping with sweat.  It seemed perfectly at home here.

During one of the faster songs i really wanted to get a good portrait shot of Zac so decided to pop up the flash on my camera body, this let me shoot at f/8 and with a shutter speed of 1/250th a second to stand more of a chance of stopping the action. For this shot i dropped the ISO down to 800.

Man Overboard-2

There was a cool sign drawn onto an interior wall in the venue which i really wanted to get a shot of, i took a picture of it and then thought if i timed it right i could get the shot with Zac in the background. I managed to get this exactly as i wanted and i think it turned out great

Man Overboard-5

I can’t wait until they’re next on tour here and will make sure to go to a few shows. If you’re interested in giving the guys a listen, you can hear the title track from their latest album ‘Heart Attack’ here –

Actually, play that song and then read the blog at the same time, it’s much better!

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