The Storm

We’re all well aware of just how bad the weather has been recently, and on my latest trip down to the New Forest i decided i wanted to go and visit the local cliffs and beach to see some of the destruction first hand…  The beach was pretty empty as you might expect and most of the beach huts had taken a battering over the days prior to my visit.  I decided to go close to sunset in the hope that the weather would be less severe, this seemed to work out pretty well, not sure if thats science or luck?!

All of the shots were taken at ISO 200, 10mm and an aperture of f/13 apart from the beach hut which was f/8. I need to get my lens and camera cleaned soon as there are some visible spots on some of the shots, not sure if thats dirt, grease or water, possibly all three! The shots are all 5 frame HDRs, it was pretty tough to get them spot on as the wind was really strong and my camera was moving about a bit.  I like the way they turned out and feel sorry for the owners of the trashed beach huts!

New Milton-1

New Milton-2 New Milton-3

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