Get In The Hole!

Camera? Check. Cheestrings? Check. Cashew Nuts? Check. Water? Check. Determination? Of course. I was ready for a couple days hunting the worlds best golfers…

There is so much to write about for this blog it could easily be thousands of words long, but i’m so excited to share these photos i’m just going to get right to it.

This is my first batch of favourites which i’ve given some colour treatment, i did one of them like this and then thought it would be cool to do a series of them. I didn’t take many photos of the players actually playing golf which might seem a bit odd but i really liked the idea of capturing emotion and creating portraits of these famous sportsmen.

The Open 2014-2 The Open 2014-3 The Open 2014-7 The Open 2014-6 The Open 2014-5 The Open 2014-4 The Open 2014-8 The Open 2014-9 The Open 2014-10 The Open 2014-11 The Open 2014-15 The Open 2014-14 The Open 2014-13 The Open 2014-12 The Open 2014-16 The Open 2014-17 The Open 2014-18 The Open 2014

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