Rotunda Birmingham View

To be honest, i don’t know why i bother using the Yahoo! weather app on my iPhone, it’s always wrong… I’d been checking throughout the week because i wanted to know if we’d get a decent sunset, it kept on changing between cloudy and sunny spells. In the end i told myself i’d be happy so long as it didn’t rain. As it happens there was no rain, not much of a sunset either. The sky did turn slightly but the sun was obstructed by the buildings.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Birmingham this year and always planned to get out with my camera but for some reason i haven’t until now. There look to be some decent places that i could take awesome pictures so i might have to plan a couple day trips, watch this space.

This weekend just gone i was invited to a celebration at the Rotunda which is a circular high-rise in the centre of Birmingham, it’s original purpose upon completion in the 1960’s was for commercial space and offices but has since been converted into apartments.

We were lucky enough to be up on the 20th floor in one of the penthouses. I’d been thinking about the view all week and there was no way i would be going to the party without my beloved plus-one, the Nikon D7100. As soon as the door to the apartment opened i was out on the balcony checking out the view, it was amazing, if you know Birmingham then you’ll recognise some of the sights for sure. the balcony was huge and looked out over the Bullring and New Street railway station.

The photos wouldn’t have been possible without my tripod, i deliberatley overexposed them to give them a surreal look which i think worked out perfect. I’ve recently added a Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye to my collection and this was its first proper outing, i love the effect you get when using this and with a minimum focusing distance of about 3cm from the front of the lens you can create some awesome shots, expect to see plenty of this lens in future blog posts. The first image was taken using my trusty 10-24mm lens but all the others are with the new fisheye. The detail in the original full size images is amazing, i’m really pleased with how they came out.

As always, enjoy the photos and if you get a chance to visit the 20th floor make sure you do. The view from the Rotunda in Birmingham is amazing.

Rotunda Birmingham-1 Rotunda Birmingham-5 Rotunda Birmingham-6Rotunda Birmingham-2

One thought on “Rotunda Birmingham View

  1. Hello Neil. Janie from Staying Cool here. Could we use your shots from the Rotunda on social media (with link to your blog, of course?). They are really stunning.

    Please email Janie ‘at’

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