The Palazzo Las Vegas

East wing, southwest view. East wing, southwest view; I repeated it in my head a couple times to make sure I wouldn’t forget… I always try to do a bit of research before I stay in hotels, especially in Vegas. I like to know what the best available view is and what I should be asking for at the front desk. As I handed over my credit card and photo ID I placed a $20 bill on the counter, she spotted it straight away, it’s the oldest trick in the book.

Before long we were making our way across the casino floor at The Palazzo and towards the guest elevators. Our room is on the 47th floor and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know, it’s in the East wing with a southwest view.

The Palazzo is a luxury resort towards the north end of the strip, it sits between The Venetian and Wynn. It has an Italian theme and is often seen as being one of the best all round resorts in Las Vegas, you appreciate this sentiment as soon as you stepĀ inside and see it for yourself.

Palazzo Las Vegas Photo Palazzo Las Vegas Photo Palazzo Las Vegas Photo Palazzo Las Vegas Photo Palazzo  Casino Las Vegas Photo

The room is no different, 720-square feet of pure luxury featuring a dining table, oversized sofa, private work area, flat screen televisions and a huge bathroom. The view from our room is amazing, how many Las Vegas hotels can you see from here?
Bella Suite Palazzo Bella Suite Palazzo

Palazzo Las Vegas Photo

We booked a breakfast rate which we hoped would mean use of the buffet each day but we were given vouchers for in room dining instead, I was pretty disappointed with this at first but on reflection it’s actually really good, we get a full breakfast delivered to the room and they even lay the table and clear it all away afterwards, perfect to get you ready to head back down to the casino. If it’s good enough for President Bush then it’s good enough for us!
Palazzo Las Vegas Photo Palazzo Las Vegas Photo

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