Senses Fail / Karlsruhe / 2015

The streets outside Die Stadtmitte felt sleepy but the crowd inside were wide awake…

It’s been years since Senses Fail played in Germany but you’d be forgiven for thinking they were local favourites after the reception they got whilst taking the stage. Capsize had just started things off and left the crowd nicely warmed up; minutes before Senses Fail appeared, a handful of fans caught a glimpse of Buddy through the backstage door and could barely contain their excitement, others were trying to read an upside down setlist that Matt had just taped to a speaker, questioning whether their favourite songs were going to be played.

Kicking things off with the infectious Renacer, Senses Fail played through a solid set of old and new songs, you could tell the crowd wanted more, constantly shouting out for songs to be played.  The stage was small and tight but that didn’t stop the guys bouncing around for the duration of their performance. Zack and Gavin swung guitars and head-banged through most of the songs, Buddy giving his fair share of muscle flexing and fencing to add to the already great atmosphere.

The tempo was pefect all the way through, that’s one of the many things i love about seeing this band, they give you maximum value for the time they have, others will pause and talk between every song but Senses Fail don’t allow for that, they get on with the job and blast out crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser. There was a moment of reflection from Buddy, he took the time to speak with the crowd about compassion and love for one another, making a point to thank the German public for their kind and humane reaction to the Syrian refugee crisis in which they have agreed to help and offer a safe haven to the hundreds of thousands fleeing conflict and uncertainty. The crowd greeted this with cheers and then it was back to the music as Senses Fail seemed to gain energy and passion as the set marched on…

Date: 26th September 2015


  • Renacer
  • Bonecrusher
  • The Importance Of The Moment Of Death
  • Can’t Be Saved
  • Wounds
  • Lady In A Blue Dress
  • Closure / Rebirth
  • Cute When You Scream
  • Take Refuge
  • Canine
  • Bite To Break Skin

Senses Fail Karlsruhe Senses Fail Karlsruhe Senses Fail Karlsruhe Senses Fail Karlsruhe

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