Capsize / Munich / 2015

Oktoberfest might be the biggest party in town, but the crowd inside the Feierwek came a close second…

Capsize are the opening band on the ‘Tragedy WIll Find Us’ tour currently making it’s way through Europe and then on to the UK. The fast paced hardcore band from southern California have been doing an excellent job at getting the crowd warmed up for Senses Fail and Counterparts, tonight they did the exact same thing once more.

Kicking things off with ‘I’ll Take The Blame’ the tension built nicely as the slow guitar intro rung out inside the venue, high ceilings and black walls made for the perfect setting. At every chance the band asked the audience to take a couple steps forward, but the crowd didn’t need much convincing. The set moved at a perfect pace, circle pits and fist pumping were common place throughout and the crowd loved every minute of it, at one point, the frontman and guitarist traded their places on the stage to stand on the floor with the crowd which went down a treat.

If anything it felt like Capsize finished too soon, the crowd were loving every second of it and i’m sure this is a sign that the band will go on to bigger and better things sooner rather than later. ¬†Support the guys and come out to a show on the tour which runs until the 17th of October, the dates can be found here or grab some merch here.

Date: 28th September 2015


  • I’ll Take The Blame
  • Linger
  • Calming, Crippling
  • New Song
  • This Song Made Me Think Of You
  • The Angst In My Veins

Capsize Munich Capsize Munich Capsize Munich Capsize Munich

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