Senses Fail / Zurich / 2015

European tour in full flow as Senses Fail let loose in picturesque Zurich…

The Dynamo is an arts centre situated in the centre of Zurich right at the edge of the Limmat river. The basement is small and has a cosy feel to it, it’s known as Werk 21 and tonight it played host to the ‘Tragedy WIll Find Us’ European tour.

Senses Fail opened their set with ‘The Courage Of An Open Heart’ which features on their latest release ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart’, if you’ve not heard it then you should pick up a copy here. This is one of the heaver songs of the night and whilst i do love the song, i’m not sure it worked as an opener, the locals didn’t seem to familiar with the track and it left the room a little stagnant, previous nights have been opened with ‘Renacer’ which i think is a strong opener and one of my favourites, so maybe i’m being a little biased.

It didn’t take the crowd long to get well into it though a couple songs from ‘Still Searching’ helped get the floor moving, Buddy introducing ‘Can’t Be Saved’ as ‘an old song that you’ve probably played on Rock Band or something’. He was in good spirits all night and this was obvious from the energy and passion in the performance, not to the mention the joking throughout the set, telling stories of unsuccessfully trying to oder alcohol free beer from Oktoberfest and even noting a likeliness between their song ‘Take Refuge’ and the sound of Limp Bizkit, he quickly followed that up with admitting he wasn’t sure if that was cool or not.

The set was moving at such a pace that at one point they took a break and spoke with the crowd just to slow things down a bit.  An old favourite ‘Lady In A Blue Dress’ probably had the biggest sing along of the night from a set that mixed old and new and was closed out with the ever exciting ‘Bite To Break Skin’. The sound and atmosphere was great inside the venue which played the perfect host to tonights show.

Date: 29th September 2015


  • The Courage Of An Open Heart
  • Bonecrusher
  • The Importance Of The Moment Of Death
  • Cant Be Saved
  • Wounds
  • Lady In A Blue Dress
  • Closure / Rebirth
  • Take Refuge
  • Renacer
  • Canine
  • Bite To Break Skin

Senses Fail Zurich Senses Fail Zurich Senses Fail Zurich Senses Fail Zurich

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