State Champs / London / 2015

State Champs finish UK and European tour in style with amazing show at The Hippodrome…

It’s been a great run for State Champs recently, having toured the UK and Europe in the last couple of weeks, they found time to play one last show in Kingston, London at The Hippodrome.

The last night of tour often has a special feel to it and this was no different, you could tell the guys were in good spirits as they bounced around stage and gave the crowd excellent value for money. The venue was packed, fans doing what they could to get a view of the stage, standing on tables at the back was the solution for some.

Roam and Knuckle Puck have been providing support on this tour and they both did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up, before State Champs even took the stage the party atmosphere was in full flow. As the lights dimmed and the boys from New York took to the stage the crowd went crazy, the energy for the first couple songs was wild, frontman Derek DiScanio barely pausing for breath as he moved around the stage like a man possessed.

It’s a couple of weeks until the new album ‘All Around The World And Back’ comes out and tonight felt like a celebration party, two of the first three songs were from the eagerly awaited album, you’d be forgiven for thinking these had been fan favourites for years by the way the crowd reacted.

They opened with ‘All You Are Is History‘ which fits the job perfectly and i wouldn’t be surprised if they make this their go-to opener on the next couple of tours, it works so well. As the set moved on the crowd were treated to a good mix of songs from ‘The Finer Things’ which is nearly two years old now, Derek noting that the fans have had to wait a long time for a new album but it’s going to be worth it.

The stage was a little bigger than the ones they’ve called home on the recent European dates but that was no issue for the band who filled it out perfectly and to be honest, wouldn’t look out of place in an arena or stadium. Guitarists Ryan, Tyler and Tony made use of all available space on the stage swinging guitars and head banging their way through the set, a special mention to Tony who must have been exhausted after the amount of energy he put in.

The evening was drawn to a close with the up-beat and energetic ‘Elevated’ with Derek letting the crowd know that the band would be releasing some exciting information over the next couple weeks, with a new album already confirmed and due for release shortly, could this news be a UK tour early next year? Let’s hope so.

Tonight was another flawless performance from State Champs

Date: 3rd October 2015


  • All You Are Is History
  • Remedy
  • Secrets
  • Prepare To Be Noticed
  • Deadly Conversation
  • Simple Existence
  • Easy Enough
  • Nothings Wrong
  • Hard To Please
  • Losing Myself
  • Elevated

State Champs London State Champs London State Champs London State Champs London State Champs London State Champs London


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