Senses Fail / London / 2015

Senses Fail near to perfect at sold out London show…

Tonights stop on the ‘Tragedy Will Find Us’ tour was the Camden Underworld, a basement style venue in the famous North London town. Tickets had been in short supply leading up to the show and upon arrival i noted the various ‘sold out’ signs around the venue. The tour has been progressing well with some amazing venues and crowds so i was excited to see what tonight had to offer.

As usual Capsize did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up, the venue was packed, wall to wall, with most drenched in sweat.

As Senses Fail took to the stage the crowd went wild, they were treated to ‘Tie Her Down’ from the bands debut album ‘Let It Enfold You’ as the opening track, this went down a storm. The pace was relentless throughout the set, the guys seemed really happy to be playing to such a packed and responsive audience, ‘Can’t Be Saved’ had one of the biggest sing a longs of the night. It wasn’t all about the older songs though, the band played through hits from ‘Renacer’ and their most recent release ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart’. ‘Carry The Weight’ and ‘Wounds’ seemed to be crowd pleasers with most singing along with frontman Buddy as he darted around the stage and had time for plenty of interaction with the crowd.

As the set drew to a close Buddy introduced their pen-ultimate song ‘Calling All Cars’ as ‘an old one but a good one’, the song was met with plenty of stage diving and singing. Senses Fail took their final bow to an old classic ‘Bite To Break Skin’ which suits perfectly as a closing song, building with intensity and energy to a heavy climax. As the band left the stage the crowd were chanting ‘one more song, one more song!’, you could tell they were pleased with what they’d just seen.

An amazing performance from Senses Fail at a sold out London show, Counterparts followed with a crazy performance of non stop energy and noise.

Date: 10th October 2015


  • Tie Her Down
  • Canine
  • The Importance Of The Moment Of Death
  • Can’t Be Saved
  • Wounds
  • Lady In A Blue Dress
  • Closure / Rebirth
  • Carry The Weight
  • Courage Of An Open Heart
  • Calling All Cars
  • Bite To Break Skin

Senses Fail London Senses Fail London Senses Fail London Senses Fail London



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