BlackRapid Wrist Strap Review

Thinking of making a change from the traditional neck or shoulder strap? Then look no further…

I’ve been using my BlackRapid wrist strap for a few years now and i absolutely swear by it. BlackRapid was founded in Seattle during 2008 and has risen to be one of the premier camera accessory brands available today, when you experience the quality and durability of their products, it’s easy to see why. They aim to increase the speed, efficiency and comfort of photographers, both consumer and professional.

When i first started out with my hobby of photography i used to carry my cameras around using the supplied neck or shoulder straps which usually fasten via the eyelets on the camera body. When i started to shoot more live music and street photography i liked having my camera in my hand at all times and not hanging around my neck or shoulder, this led me to wrapping the strap around my wrist a number of times, this isn’t ideal and is pretty uncomfortable, it would often come loose pretty quick as well. You’ll often find that even when wearing your camera around your neck you still need to keep it secure and steady with a hand, i also find that the neck straps often rub and irritate me when wearing them, not ideal.

A combination of the above points led me to explore other means of carrying my cameras, it wasn’t long until i stumbled across BlackRapid and their range of straps. The first thing that drew me to the products was their sleek and industrial design, they looked absolutely solid with no expense spared. Whether i’m carrying an expensive camera and lens pairing or my pocket camera containing photos and memories from a weekend away, i want to make sure my gear is as safe as possible, which is exactly what BlackRapid offer.

Blackrapid wrist strap review

The wrist strap is made from a smooth and comfortable soft nylon material which looks and feels great to wear. The strap features an integrated slider allowing you to loosen and tighten the strap as necessary, i wear mine pretty tight with just enough slack that it can rotate around my wrist but not enough to slide over my hand. The end of the strap has a swivel hook, similar to a carabiner, the hook also has a threaded lock, this ensures that once the strap is connected to your camera it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. The strap connects to your camera via the solid stainless steel adapter, known as the FastenR, this device screws into the tripod socket of your camera, the rubber washer provides a protective seal against your camera body and also keeps water out of the socket, a couple nice extra features.

blackrapid wrist strap review

Once all the parts are attached and connected, the strap feels solid, i love the extra confidence and security it gives me when rushing around with my camera at a concert or walking busy city streets, the strap and FastenR can easily withstand a good deal of force and i trust this strap so much that you’ll often find my camera hanging from my wrist whilst i quickly use my free hand for something else, whether its reading a map or sending a quick text.

blackrapid wrist strap review

One thing to remember is that the strap and the FastenR are sold separately. I paid £19 for the strap and £13 for the FastenR, both from Amazon. Some people have expressed their concerns over the pricing of these products but i can honestly say i think they’re more than worth it, i certainly wouldn’t go back to using a traditional neck strap after using this.

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