Nikon DL Release Date

Am i the only one that’s been really frustrated with Nikon recently and their lack of product releases or innovation in the compact camera / interchangeable lens / mirrorless market? After the recent release of their KeyMisson action cameras, into a seriously competitive and saturated market, it’s left me questioning their direction and decision making.

I’m a huge Nikon fan and i absolutely love their DSLR offerings, i’ve been using a D750 now for nearly two years and before that a D7100, both cameras have been amazing and the lenses are just as good. I’ve even used Nikon Coolpix cameras as well, my first camera with manual controls that got me into photography was the Nikon P300, i still have framed prints all these years later that were taken with that camera. A few years passed and i wanted to upgrade that camera to a more serious point and shoot, one with a larger sensor, a shaper lens and one that shoots RAW, this led me to the Coolpix A, which despite it’s slightly slow focussing has been a really good camera, i’ve travelled all over with it and it packs a real punch for such a small camera.

The years have passed with my Coolpix A and like most camera lovers i’ve been looking for the right excuse reason to buy a new toy upgrade. When the Nikon DL cameras were first announced back in early 2016 i was super excited, they had great specs, and would suit my travel / weekend / social photography needs and also pack some cool video features which is something else i’ve been thinking about getting into, i was sure that the 1″ sensor wouldn’t be an issue and that the other benefits would make it a great all round camera. My heart was set on the Nikon DL 18-50, and then came the delays…

Nikon DL 18-50

The first delays were rumoured to be because of the earthquake that struck and caused issues with supply of certain parts. This is completely acceptable and everyone can understand and put aside their selfish needs whilst people deal with such a crisis, but it didn’t stop there. The cameras were supposed to be released in June, but then we heard about more delays because of ‘serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing’, that really doesn’t sound good does it?! Information started to surface and we were hopeful of an October release date, but then guess what? Yep, more delays. It was announced that the cameras had been delayed indefinitely and with no real reason.

Nikon DL 18-50

Some sites are now showing these cameras as due for release in January 2017 and others simply list them as ‘not available’ or ‘coming soon’. I really hope we get a firm date from Nikon and that these cameras do make it to market, i’d hate to see them scrapped after all these delays and investment. I really want to add one to my bag and i’m sure they’ll be great, especially the 18-50 with a f/1.8-2.8 lens, it’s such a versatile camera with so much to offer.

Nikon DL 18-50

With the rate of change and innovation in technology products most items are out of date as soon as they hit the shops, so what does that mean for these cameras that might eventually be released a year after first being announced? In my opinion it’s a shame and yes for sure the technology and some of the features will be outdated but it’s important to remember that cameras are creative tools and only play a part in the creation of great images. You can have the best gear in the world and can be put to shame by someone with a 10 year old point and shoot, that’s why photography is an art and does require skill, not just the latest gear and the ability to press a button.

Fingers crossed that i’ll be able to buy one of these in the next few months and write a full review of it, but for now, Nikon have missed out and i jumped ship to Fujifilm and bought an X100T. Nikon have made no announcements to create a successor to the Coolpix A or release any APS-C mirrorless cameras and Fuji have been doing such a great job. Sorry Nikon, but we won’t wait forever.

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