Senses Fail / Starland Ballroom / 2018

As i sat in the photo pit i could feel the energy around me, the crowd were ready for what promised to be an incredible night, i don’t often get nervous when it comes to photography, but tonight, i certainly felt alive.  For me this was a dream come true, whilst the members of Senses Fail now live all across the country, New Jersey is arguably classed as a hometown show, especially a venue like The Starland Ballroom, it’s where the band gained recognition and created a name for themselves all those years ago.

Tonight was a special show, Senses Fail were going to be playing their first EP ‘From The Depths Of Dreams’ in its entirety, something that i’m pretty sure has never been done before. The EP is now around 15 years old, the band has moved on a lot since then and their sound and lyrics maturing with that change, most of these older songs are now retired from being played live, which made tonight a real once in a lifetime show.

As the lights dimmed and the band took to the stage it was clear just how much this occasion meant to them.  The set opened up with Family Tradition, New Jersey Makes.. and Cute When You Scream, three great songs from different albums and eras of the band. It was great to see the crowds reaction to New Jersey Makes… which is from their new album, if you didn’t know any different, judging by the crowds reaction, you’d think it was a classic from an earlier album.

Senses Fail Starland Ballroom

The pace and energy continued as the band played through a strong mix of old and new songs, not an inch of the stage left untouched as Jason, Greg, Gavin and Buddy made it their own. New drummer Steve Carey seemed to be having a great time and has taken so well to the new role, something i’m hoping he’ll stick at for years to come.

Senses Fail Starland Ballroom Senses Fail Starland Ballroom Senses Fail Starland Ballroom Senses Fail Starland Ballroom

It’s no secret that in recent times the band has nearly come to an end on a number of occasions; something that frontman Buddy addresses openly and honestly with the crowd, he talked about the personal journey that he has been on in recent years along with the recent twists and turns that life has thrown their way, not helped by the changes in the music industry and decline in physical sales; rather than calling it quits, they seem to be back, stronger than ever, something that is perfectly summed up in the song ‘Double Cross’ from their new album ‘If There Is Light, It Will Find You’. The pace was relentless, only slowing for The Priest And The Matador which caused the thousands in attendance to sing along together.

Senses Fail Starland Ballroom

About a dozen songs into the set Buddy left the stage, returning shortly after wearing a black and white striped long sleeve top, similar to the one he used to sport all those years ago. He joked with the crowd saying if you’re going to play old songs, you might as well dress a little more 2003. From this point they played From The Depth Of Dreams front to back, highlights from this section would be Steven, Bloody Romance and of course, One Eight Seven, all three songs had the crowd going absolutely wild, it was a moment to treasure and the band thanked the fans for sticking by them for so long, even giving a nod to fans who had travelled long distances to make the show, a lovely touch.Senses Fail Starland Ballroom

The set drew to a close with Buried A Lie, Can’t Be Saved and the incredible Bite To Break Skin which brought a frenzied end to the show. As the band left the stage, the crowd chanted for more, but if truth be told, they had been given more than their moneys worth tonight.

Senses Fail Starland Ballroom Senses Fail Starland Ballroom

Date: 17th March 2018


  • Family Tradition
  • New Jersey Makes, The World Takes
  • Cute When You Scream
  • Elevator To The Gallows
  • Lady In A Blue Dress
  • Between The Mountains And Sea
  • Double Cross
  • Calling All Cars
  • Lungs Like Gallows
  • Gold Jacket, Green Jacket
  • The Priest And The Matador
  • Steven
  • Free Fall Without A Parachute
  • Bloody Romance
  • Dreaming A Reality
  • The Ground Folds
  • Handguns And Second Chances
  • One Eight Seven
  • Buried A Lie
  • Can’t Be Saved
  • Bite To Break Skin

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